Monthly Archives: July 2015

Spotlight on: AlkaLime

Did you know that if your body's pH is low, your body will be acidic; therefore, you could also have less of a response or perhaps a minimal negative reaction to essential oils? The body's pH decreases for the following reasons: • Poor diet and nutrition - Food that is processed and devitalized of nutrients.…
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Smarty Pants Roll-On Recipe

As a homeschooling parent (with the attention span of a squirrel herself), I highly recommend every parent put this roll-on their child's school supply list! This blend has been a staple in our homeschooling family for 4 years now! With 2 school-aged boys, and a high-energy little girl, we make sure each child has this…
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A Comprehensive Guide to Sharing Compliantly

As a group effort between many of our teammates, headed up by Angela Bickford and Dory Doyle, we have pulled together an amazing resource about sharing in a manner that is compliant with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as other governmental agencies.

Thanks Angela and Dory for pulling this together!