About Our Team

We Can Oil It teammates with the Oola Guys

We Can Oil It teammates with the Oola Guys

We want to encourage you to become your own health advocate... and we want to help you get there!

In today’s climate, health threats are everywhere. And we don’t mean bad surgeons or infectious disease, necessarily. We are talking everything from poor nutrition to toxic exposure in our everyday products. In a world so supportive of waning health, we encourage you to stand up to be your own health advocate. If not you, who else?

We Can Oil It is a team of Young Living members, and we absolutely focused on guiding each other onto a path of wellness. We explore various health topics, whether they be centered around Young Living’s products or not. We support each other to make informed decisions about the health of ourselves and our families. We advocate toxin awareness and replacing those toxins with powerful, natural products. We are a team, and we are a community.

We guide our members into a love affair with Young Living’s products, teaching you to best use your products for maximum effectiveness. We teach about Young Living’s extensive product line up, each in detail, to help you make purchases that will be best for you and your family. We help you use every drop to maximum benefit.

But we are more than your teachers and your advisors. We are your friends. We are with you, whether just starting your journey into wellness or a seasoned veteran. We learn from each other, support each other, and genuinely care for each other. We are a team. We are We Can Oil It!

The Three R's



The We Can Oil It team focuses on building lasting and meaningful inter-team relationships. You can expect support from your teammates, friendships with other members, and a friendly community of like-minded people.



Providing our team with educational resources sets We Can Oil It apart. Not only do we offer interpersonal support, we also provide online and in-person classes, monthly events, weekly educational newsletters, weekly calls, and more.



Exclusive to We Can Oil It members, we offer monthly giveaways, incentives for sharing and ordering, and recognition for growing your business and advancing in rank. Plus, when signed up as a wholesale distributor, members are eligible to recieve compensation from Young Living for sharing with others!

Membership Benefits

One-on-One Support

Sponsors, mentors, and friends
Members of We Can Oil It not only have a sponsor, they have an entire team of people offering one-on-one support and mentoring. It is through this interpersonal support meaningful friendships are born.

Community Forum

Discussions for optimal learning
Sometimes the best teacher is a fellow student. We all have a unique and valid perspective, and by offering a place to share, we can all learn from and with one another.

Leadership Team

Taking advantage of multiple skillsets
We have a team of members who have spent hours creating educational resources, planning events, organizing initiatives, and strategically thinking of the best ways we can serve our members.

Wellness Guidance

Beyond just essential oils
Our team is particularly focused on overall wellness, even that which goes beyond essential oil use. With weekly wellness topics and monthly round table events across the country, we give members resources and challenges to make informed decisions about their health.

Product Education

Utilize your products more effectively
Young Living has a huge product offering, and every product is wonderful. Learn in depth about these products so that you can make informed purchasing decisions as well as learn the best ways to use each item.

Business Building Tools

Don't build your business alone
One of the beautifully unique aspects of network marketing is your team of allies. Our members share educational materials, shareable graphics, printable handouts, class scripts, compensation plan and strategy education, and much more to ensure you have the tools you need to build a successful Young Living business.