Sharing Young Living with Others

You got your Premium Starter Kit.  And now you're hooked.

You genuinely want to talk about your experiences with your essential oils with friends and family, just as you would talk about your favorite brand of ice cream or how comfortable your new shoes are.  You found a product you love, and sharing it comes naturally.

Well, did you know Young Living rewards you for sharing with others?  Yep.  When you refer a friend who signs up with a Premium Starter Kit, Young Living sends you a $50 thank you check.  $50. Cash.

Sharing Young Living with others

Are your gears turning of how many friends are ready to get started?  Are you thinking of all in your life whose health could be transformed with these wonderful, natural oils?  Count them up and multiply by $50.  If you counted up at least four, you will recoup the cost of your own Premium Starter Kit.

Want to know more?  Here are the steps you must take to ensure you earn your $50 thank you check from Young Living:

  1. Make sure your friend enters your member number as enroller and sponsor when signing up.  OR... you can create your own personal sign up link that automatically enters your member number in the appropriate places in your Virtual Office.  Simply log in, click "Member Resources" on the navigation column on the right, and click "Link Builder."Young Living Link Builder for sharing with others
  2. In order to earn this bonus, you must be classified as a Distributor.  All that really means is that you must have spent 50PV in that calendar month (PS Are you earning free product on Essential Rewards yet?).

That's it.  Your check will process the following calendar month by the 20th and be mailed to your address on file.  Easy Peezy!

You can share as much or as little as you wish.  You are not obligated to share full time or start a business from Young Living, but if you do, I'd highly recommend checking out the compensation plan and income disclosure statement.  If you'd like to talk business, feel free to chat me up (I'm a "Red" personality, so I LOVE talking business!).

Want to know how to get started?  Contact your sponsor (whoever signed you up) for personalized tips and tricks, and check out the amazing sharing resources that came in your starter kit.

Love it, Share it

Happy sharing!



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