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How to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used in 3 main ways: topically, inhaled/diffused, and internally. Please look at the bottle and the Young Living website (each oil has its own informational page) for the recommended use for each oil. TOPICALLY: -Apply oils directly on the desired area using 1-3 drops (start with 1 and build up). -Follow dilution…
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A bit about Young Living Essential Oils

All essential oils are not the same. There are many, many factors that go into a pure essential oil. Why does this matter? Simply enough, impure essential oils can be less effective and depending on what the impurities are, can actually be harmful and toxic. Think of it this way... If it takes 10,000 roses…
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Essential Oil Basics

So, what are essential oils? Most simply put, they are incredibly complex and highly concentrated plant oils.  Have you ever wondered what in a plant gives it its ability to stay healthy and adapt to stressors?  Yep, essential oils.  Each plant has its own unique oil, and each oil contains hundreds of different chemical compounds. …
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