Goodbye Soap Scum!

Goodbye Soap Scum - Young Living Essential Oils

Have you ever considered what you clean your shower and bathtub with? Chemicals linger even after a good rinse, and jetted tubs can hold onto those toxins. Many people don't consider the health affects, and then hop into their tubs to soak in chemicals. As someone who hates to scrub tubs of soap scum, this created quite the dilemma for me with a big 2 person jetted bathtub. I refuse to use toxins and dislike elbow grease almost as much. 😉

I found the perfect thing to clean my bathtub! I fill my tub up with hot water, add 2 small squirts of Young Living's dish soap and 2 capfuls of Thieves Household cleaner and turn on the jets. I let the jets run for 7-8 minutes and then wipe down the edges of the tub as it drains. The result? A chemical-free super shiny tub, elbow grease free, that I don't hesitate to get into after cleaning.


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