The Toxins Around Us

We are exposed to an ever-growing number of synthetic chemicals in our day-to-day lives.  Yet, these toxic chemicals go relatively without any sort of monitoring or policing for the public safety.  Though a highly complex elimination process, science is starting to discover that toxin chemicals are linked to many of the growing health epidemics of our time.  All in all, toxins are bad news.

Toxins are Bad News - Raising Awareness of the Chemical Toxins Around Us

Think the government has your back?  Think again!  Just because chemicals are legal doesn't mean they are safe or healthy.

You must watch out for YOU - Don't trust the government to watch out for your health.

Toxic chemicals make their way into our bodies in three key ways:

- the lungs (inhalation),
- skin (dermal absorption), and/or
- mouth (ingestion).

When you start to think of all of the toxic chemicals you use daily, from your cosmetics to your shampoo, from cleaning products to artificial fragrances, from our food to the flame retardants in our fabrics, the number of chemicals we are exposed to daily is alarming... and all of them can get into our bodies.

Regardless of the way the chemical gets into the body, once it is in the body it is distributed to anywhere in the body by the blood stream. In this way, the chemicals can attack and harm organs which are far away from the original point of entry as well as where they entered the body. They can be stored in tissues, like fat or bone, or excreted.

How Toxins Enter the Body

While it is sobering enough that we are exposing ourselves to these toxins, we must also consider that we as parents may also be exposing our children to these hazards.

Toxins and Pregnancy/Infants

So what can you do?  Work to eliminate as many toxins as you can from your home.  Minimize the fertilizers and pesticides you consume in your diet by choosing organic and responsibly sourced foods.  Educate yourself on the effects of these toxins, how you may be exposed, and healthy alternatives.  Become your own health advocate.



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  1. this is great! I'm loving the graphics along with the bullets... Totally sharing this. Thanks for writing Tasha!
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