A little bit about Ylang Ylang essential oil

Young Living Ylang Ylang Essential OilSurely someone out there will shed a little tear with me? One of my favorite YL oils, Ylang Ylang, rolled out of my car and rolled into a sewer drain. 🙁

Why is Ylang Ylang essential oil one of my must haves? Check it out:

- Ylang Ylang oil depends very much on the time that the flowers are picked and the distillation process. The best time to pick the flower is in the early morning; this yields the best and most oil. The first hour of distillation produces the best quality oil. This is referred to as Ylang Ylang Complete. The poorest quality is taken last and is called Cananga. It's important that proper harvesting and distillation happen, and that's why I love our Seed to Seal Promise!

- Helps release negative emotions such as anger, possessiveness or low self-esteem. And nourishing the positive emotions such as confidence, self love and spiritual awareness.

- Ylang Ylang is in Peace & Calming, Present Time, Into the Future, Joy, Gentle Babies, Gratitude, Dream Catcher, Release, Sara, Sensation, White Angelica and Harmony essential oil blends. Ylang Ylang obviously has many benefits!

- Ylang Ylang comes from a Tagalog word “ilang” meaning “wilderness” or the word “ilang-ilan” meaning “rare”.

- Supports a healthy circulatory system.

- Supports a healthy endocrine system

-Due to Ylang Ylang's ability to support the adrenal glands it may also help with maintaining a healthy weight.

- Massage into the scalp to increase the appearance of healthy, shiny hair.

- Ylang Ylang's sweet and floral aroma is very calming and relaxing.

- Often used on animals for it's calming affect.

- May help support balanced hormones and libido.


We are all adults here, but this is about to go PG-13. 😉 I apply 2-3 drops of Ylang Ylang on my forearms at night, and notice a sense of overall well-being. I feel calm and relaxed within 15 minutes of applying Ylang Ylang, but the biggest difference I notice is an increase in libido. Brandon wants to shake Gary Young's hand just for this oil.


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