Raindrop Technique – An In-Depth Look

Raindrop Technique Explained

Raindrop Technique Explained

The Raindrop Technique supports all body systems, and has a variety of testimonies regarding all body systems. To learn more search "Raindrop Technique" on ylsearch.com.

What is Raindrop Technique?

This technique involves applying therapeutic grade essential oils to the spine, neck and feet. The session lasts about an hour however the benefits may last up to a week or more.

Gary found that combining several holistic techniques, described below, created a synergistic effect for the body. The three modalities that combine to form Raindrop Technique are:

  1. Aromatherapy – Raindrop technique uses seven single essential oils, two blends and one essential oil massage blend during the session. It is congruent with the French application of aromatherapy where essential oils are applied NEAT (undiluted) to the body.
  2. Vita Flex Technique – Vita Flex was brought to the US in the 1920s by Stanley Burroughs. It is an ancient Tibetan methodology meaning "vitality through the reflexes". Its theory is based on the fact that slight pressure applied to the body creates an electric charge that is therapeutic to the body. This is known as piezoelectric.
  3. Feather Stroking - This is similar to a massage term technique called effleurage. But this technique was actually termed by the Native American Indians.

How does Raindrop get its Name?

Essential oils are actually dropped from about 6 inches above your spine, simulating rain drops! It feels like a rain drop gently striking your spine, and it is very relaxing and comforting.

It is thought that the oils interact with a person's electric field before even penetrating the skin of the back. Thereby, enhancing the electromagnetic properties of the oils as well. Amazing!

What is the Concept behind Feather Stroking?

In the 1980s Gary Young worked with a Lakota elder named Wallace Black Elk. He learned that the Lakota people went to Canada to experience the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis (before there were border crossings and reservations). The Lakota people would raise their hands toward the light and breathe in the energy of the lights for transformational purposes.

Once the Lakota people could no longer cross the border, they created a stroking technique along the spine using a feather that simulated the energy of the Aurora Borealis. And this is the massage technique that was taught to Gary Young and is named feather stroking.

What are the Benefits of Raindrop Technique?

There are numerous benefits of the Raindrop Technique. Here are just a few:

  • Balance and Re-align the Energy Centers of the Body – The combination of techniques brings electrical and structural alignment to the body. The essential oil blend of Valor helps the body align and is often referred to as "chiropractor in the bottle".
  • Non-Manipulative Technique – No manipulation as in chiropractic is performed. The oils help support the body to come back into harmony by opening energy flow throughout the body.
  • Reduce Stress and Minor Anxiety - Not only can the oils enhance positive emotions such as joy and happiness, but they can also help us release negative emotions that are subconsciously stored on a cellular level. See the section on stress for more information!
  • Aid the Body's Natural Response to Irritation and Injury – Thyme and Oregano support the immune, respiratory, nervous, and other body systems*. They are strong antioxidants.
  • Eases Muscle Discomfort after Exercise – Muscles that are tense and in minor discomfort due to exercise will also benefit. Basil, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Cypress and Peppermint essential oils may reduce tension. See the section on oils for muscles for more information!
  • Support Healthy Immune System – Thyme and Oregano essential oils support a healthy immune system*.
  • Emotional Well Being and Release – Essential oils effect the limbic system where emotions are stored in the "brain's emotional computer".
  • Help Detox the Body Systems – The oils that are high in phenols may cleanse cellular receptor sites and enhance cleansing of the body.

And many more!

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The Oils in Raindrop Technique

What Essential Oils are used in the Raindrop Technique?

Valor Essential Oil Blend Containing:

  • Rosewood Essential Oil (Aniba rosaeodara) is supporting to healthy skin.It is emotionally harmonizing and is used for relaxation.
  • Spruce Essential Oil (Picea mariana) is grounding and releasing.
  • Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia carteri) is high in sesquiterpenes which stimulates and oxygenates the limbic system of the brain which helps to elevate our mood and helps us relax.
  • Blue Tansy Essential Oil (Tanacetum annuum) has a slightly sweet and herbaceous aroma. Tansy plants have several species and this one is also called Moroccan Chamomile or Annual Tansy. Emotionally, it combats anger and negative emotions.

Thyme Essential Oil - Supports healthy immune, respiratory, digestive, nervous, and other body systems.

Basil Essential Oil - Mental alertness and fatigue, flaky scalp, occasional minor aches and pain due to exercise, occasional sleeplessness, mental stress, supportive of respiratory system.

Wintergreen Essential Oil - Soothing head tension in massage and muscles after exercising. It is mentally stimulating and increases attentiveness. The odor is its signature.

Marjoram Essential Oil - Relaxes tense muscles after exercise; supportive of the nervous and cardiovascular systems; occasional for occasional simple nervous tension. It is mentally strengthening and relaxing. Calms the nervous tension. Spicy scent and woody.

Cypress Essential Oil - Oily or troubled skin. It can be mentally grounding and stabilizing. Herbaceous scent, fresh and woody.

Peppermint Essential Oil - Supports healthy digestive system. Aromatic scent is fresh and cool.

AromaSiez Essential Oil Blend containing:

  • Basil Essential Oil (Ocimum basilicum) It is best known for its ability to refresh the mind and restore mental alertness. Also useful to soothe fatigued muscles after exercise.
  • Marjoram Essential Oil (Origanum majorana) It is beneficial for occasional simple nervous tension.
  • Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia) can help you relax, wind down before bed and even ease stress. Its balancing properties create a relaxing and harmonizing environment.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha piperita) is one of the most highly regarded herbs for supporting normal digestion, including promoting healthy intestinal function and gastrointestinal system comforts.
  • Cypress Essential Oil (Cupresus sepmervirens) Cypress is also beneficial for oily or troubled skin. Grounding and gets things moving!

Oregano Essential Oil - When taken as a dietary supplement, may support healthy lifestyle regimen. Its sharp and herbaceous aroma makes one feel secure and safe. Oregano releases the fear of completion and thoughts of vulnerability.

Ortho Ease Essential Oil Massage Blend containing:

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil (distilled from pure coconut oil). It is easily absorbed into the skin, odorless, colorless, and easily washes out of fabrics.
  • Wheatgerm Oil is rich in vitamin B and E, and lecithin.
  • Grape Seed Oil is an antioxidant and is very good for supporting healthy skin.
  • Olive Oil contains squalene, an antioxidant and supports healthy skin.
  • Almond Oil is high in phytonutrients and supports healthy skin.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha piperita) is one of the most highly regarded herbs for supporting normal digestion, including promoting healthy intestinal function and gastrointestinal system comforts.
  • Marjoram Essential Oil (Origanum majorana) relaxes tense muscles after exercise, and is supportive of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.  It is beneficial for occasional simple nervous tension.
  • Vetiver Essential Oil (Vetiveria zizanioides) brings you back to nature. It is a grounding oil and is one of the oils that is highest in sesquiterpenes, Vetiver was studied by Dr. Terry Friedmann for improving children's behavior. Vetiver may help when coping with stress and to recover from emotional trauma and shock.
  • Thyme Essential Oil (Thymus vulgaris) supports the immune, respiratory, digestive, nervous, and other body systems. Known since ancient times as a medicinal herb, thyme contains large amounts of thymol.
  • Wintergreen Essential Oil (Gaultheria procumbens) contains 85-99% of methyl salicylate the same active ingredient as birch and is beneficial in massage for soothing head tension and muscles after exercising.
  • Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) The Benefits of Lemongrass include supports healthy digestive system. Supports overall well-being.
  • Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) or blue gum oil is one of many eucalyptus essential oils. It is primarily used to support the respiratory system; and to soothe muscle discomfort after exercise.
  • Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus radiata) or Black Peppermint essential oil is one of many eucalyptus essential oils. It is primarily used to support the respiratory system; and to soothe muscle discomfort after exercise.
  • Juniper Esential Oil (Juniperus osteosperma) It may work as a detoxifier and cleanser, is beneficial to the skin, and supportive to the urinary system. Cleansing effect on the mind, spirit, and body.

Content pulled from http://www.experience-essential-oils.com/raindrop-technique…

Link to Raindrop Kit: https://www.youngliving.com/…/raindrop-technique-essential-…

Application of Raindrop Technique

The Raindrop Technique is a method of using Vita Flex, reflexology, massage techniques, etc., and essential oils applied on various locations of the body to bring it structural and electrical alignment. It is designed to bring balance to the body with its relaxing and mild application. It will help align the energy centers of the body and release them if blocked, without using hard pressure or trying to force the body to change, which should never be done.

And please remember this: Each situation is different. The Raindrop Technique copied here was used specifically to help people whose back muscles felt tense or uncomfortable. But Raindrop Technique can be used for any kind of issue where a whole body application feels appropriate. Over the years, people doing the Raindrop Technique for each other have discovered that once you get some practice and become more sensitive to people, you'll probably be moved to use oils uniquely for each person. This is fine. We've seen Dr. Young change how he applies the oils many times. The key is to learn the basics first. Become relaxed and confident. Then feel free to respond to whoever is getting the benefit of your healing hands, and apply the oils as you are moved to do so.

Note: Throughout the year, trainers who have been taught these techniques by D. Gary Young offer seminars around the U.S. and the world. Be sure to check the Events page or contact Young Living Customer Service for dates of events in your area.

Preparation: Have the person lie face-down on the table with the head resting in the face cradle of the massage table or with the head slightly lower than the rest of the body. The body should be as straight as possible with the hips flat on the table. The arms can be resting along the side of the body or over the edge of the table.

You will need three medium-size towels, some room temperature water and a way to protect the modesty of the individual as he or she will be moving around.

Step 1:
Place six drops of Valor on each foot. It works best if there are two people who can apply the Valor. One person can apply six drops on each shoulder, and the other person can apply six drops on each foot. The person who is at the feet may sit or kneel with the right hand holding the right foot and the left hand holding the left foot. The palm of the hand should be flat against the bottom of the feet with as much hand-to-foot contact as possible.

The individual assisting is at the head sitting or standing with right hand to right shoulder and left hand to left shoulder with as much hand-to-shoulder contact as possible. Now you must be patient. Do not attempt to force your thoughts or make something happen. Let your mind be free and peaceful. You may feel a mild heat or tingling sensation around the feet, or an energy working up through the legs or back--even as high as the head.

This is the foundation for everything that follows. In most cases, you will see some realignment of the spine. The results you will see depend largely upon the frequency of the person holding the feet. If there are other people in the room with negative attitudes and the individual applying the oils does not have a high enough frequency to block out that negative interference, the results may be less than optimal.

Step 2:
Next comes the application of the oils of Thyme and Oregano. (Note: For people with fair, sensitive or thin skin, it would be appropriate to test for skin sensitivity before using these spicy oils. Try a single drop and wait for 60 seconds to see if any redness or discomfort appears. If so, add 5-10 drops of vegetable oil to cool the area. Then proceed with the technique using a highly diluted solution of these oils with mixing oil-1 drop essential oil to 10 drops V-6 Mixing Oil .)

Hold the bottle approximately six inches above the skin and let five drops of each oil drop from the bottle evenly spaced along the spine from bottom to top (sacrum to atlas or 1st cervical). Try to stay in the electrical field as much as possible. It does not matter which oil is applied first. Apply one oil and then layer it by gently spreading it evenly along the curvature of the spine. Apply the second oils the same way. You don't need large drops, and more is not better. Then apply 10 to 15 drops of the V-6 Mixing Oil to prevent any discomfort.

With four inch strokes in a brushing motion and using the nail side of your finger tips, lightly feather up the spine from the sacrum to the atlas. Remember to follow the curvature of the spine. Repeat this technique two more times, always starting at the sacrum.

Then use your fingertips again, starting at the sacrum, feathering up again about four inches, and then flaring your finger tips out to the side of the body. The right hand will move to the right, and the left hand will move out to the left. Begin your stroking again, starting at the sacrum, stroking up about eight inches, and then flaring out again. Begin your stroking again, starting at the sacrum, feathering up about 12 inches, and then flaring the fingers out. Continue this technique to the atlas and flare out through the shoulders. Repeat this whole sequence two more times.

The final move in this step is to start at the sacrum, and in full-length strokes, feather all the way up the spine to the atlas and then feather your fingertips out over the shoulders and repeat two more times.

Step 3:
Now apply the oils of Cypress, Wintergreen, Basil, and Peppermint in that order. Apply four to five drops of the first oil along the length of the spine. Layer it in by evenly spreading it with your fingertips. Then do the same with the other three. Starting on one side of the spine, gently massage the oils in along the spine. Do not work directly on the spine. Do not force it or apply direct pressure. Start at the sacrum and use the fingertips of both hands placed side-by-side, and in a circular clockwise motion, work up the side of the spine to the atlas, pushing or pulling the tissue in the direction you want the spine to move. This technique helps to create a "space" for the spine to move. After finishing one side of the spine, walk around to the other side of the individual and begin on the second side starting from the sacrum working up to the atlas. Repeat this two more times.

Next, using the index and middle fingers of either hand, place the fingers so that they "straddle" the spine beginning at the atlas. In this position, you move from top to bottom. With mild pressure and with the fingers on either side of the spine, place one hand over the top of the fingers in a gentle sawing-like action, rock the fingers back and forth while moving gently down the spine to the sacrum. Repeat this two more times.

The next technique will take a little practice. Beginning at the sacrum with your thumbs on either side of the spine, you will use the Vita Flex technique working up the spine about a thumb's width apart with each move up to the atlas. With the thumbs on each side of the spine, nail side up and slightly angled out, rock the thumbs up to where the thumbs are straight up with the joints bent and apply a mild pressure straight down. Continue to roll your thumbs slightly over onto the nails and then release. Move your thumbs up about a thumb's width and apply the same technique. Do this all the way to the atlas and then repeat two more times.

Step 4:
Apply five to six drop of Marjoram and Aroma Siez to each side of the spine, away from the spine, into the muscle tissue all over the back. Work these oils in using a gentle massage to smooth and relax, working all over the back for a few minutes. After the oils have been massaged in well, rest approximately five minutes. Then apply Ortho Ease over the entire area of the back and legs.

Step 5:
Take a hand towel that is folded into thirds lengthwise and soak it in water that is comfortably warm but not hot. Wring it out and lay it along the entire length of the spine. Take a dry towel and fold it in half lengthwise and place it over the wet towel. Pay close attention because the back can become very hot! The heat will generally build slowly in intensity to where it will peak in five to eight minutes and then cool down to where it feels pleasant. The water in the towel drives the oils deeper into the skin. The more out of balance, the more virus or bacteria activity in the body, or the more inflammation in the spine, the hotter the area will become along the spine. Some people will experience no heat, for some it will be mild and very pleasant, while for others it may be hot and a little uncomfortable. Pay attention to what the person is saying. Ask questions. If it gets too uncomfortable, remove the towels and apply V-6 Mixing Oil on the back and work it in. This will usually remove the heat in minutes.

After putting the towels on, wait a few minutes to see how the person is responding. If the back does not become very hot, have the person roll over so the back is against the towels on the table. This usually creates more heat.

Step 6:
Take the four oils of Wintergreen, Cypress, Basil, and Peppermint in that order, and apply two to three drops of each oil along the inside of the lower legs along the shin bone from the bottom of the knee area to the top of the big toes. Apply one at a time and layer each oil in before applying the next oil.

Place fingers of one hand along the inside of the shin bone just below the knee, work down to the ankle, and then along the foot up to the top of the big toe using the Vita Flex Technique. Roll your fingers up and then over onto the nails of the fingers, applying slightly more pressure at the top of the roll and releasing as you come over onto the nails. Short nails would be appreciated by the person on whom you are working. Do this three times on each leg.

Step 7:
This next step works best with two people. Have the individual assisting stand at the feet of the person on whom you are working and hold each leg tightly just above the ankles. You stand at the head and gently put your right hand under the base of the head and your left hand around the chin and gently pull to create a slight tension. [Note: Do not pull on the chin, only on the base of the head.]

Hold this traction for several minutes, but do not pull hard. The person at the feet will be the anchor, holding the same position while the person at the head begins a mild rocking of pulling releasing, pulling and releasing, etc. This make take anywhere from four to eight minutes. It can be tiring, so you have to exercise patience. As you get a feel for the whole application, you will sense what is needed.

Step 8:
Have the person on the table roll back so he or she is again face down. Rest the head in the head-cradle of the massage table again and make sure the person is lying straight. Remove the towels and then examine the spine. Corrections may or may not be visible. At this point you may add another therapy as desired. Sometimes the desired results do not come immediately, and yet the body will continue to respond for days, at which time you may begin to see gradual changes.

This is the basic Raindrop Technique, although there are several variations. Everybody is different, and what works for one may not work for another. Different body types respond to the applications in ways not expected. Learn to be sensitive to the person to whom you are working so that you can respond to his or her needs.

The question is often asked, "How long does this application last?" Again, everybody responds differently. Generally speaking, the level of health and proper diet are key factors as are exercise and mental attitude. One application may last months for one person, but then for another it may be necessary to have the application done every week until the body begins to respond. The key is to retrain the body. In some cases, you will have to develop a new memory in the tissue in order for the body to stay where it should be. This may take a few weeks or even a year or longer.

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The largest pores on our bodies are on the bottoms of our feet. The fascia, which is a band or sheet of connective tissue fibers, primarily collagen, that forms beneath the skin to attach, stabilize, enclose, and separate muscles and other internal organs, runs from the bottoms of our feet throughout our bodies. When we put essential oils, or any substance really, on the bottoms of our feet the essential oils will get where we need to go. If you do not have someone to apply the Raindrop oils for you, or cannot find a professional in your area, then getting them coordinating VItaFlex points will absolutely be beneficial.

Recipe for "Raindrop in a Bottle:" http://www.oil-testimonials.com/…/my-recipe-for-raindrop-in…

Here is a graph to help you out:

VitaFlex and Raindrop Technique using Young Living essential oils

Validation of the Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Therapy sounds great! But, Is there any validation of this Technique?

David Stewart, the Founder of the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE), published a book entitled "The Statistical Validation of the Raindrop Technique". It is based on the results of a questionnaire where over 400 massage therapists, chiropractors, Raindrop Facilitators and others who used the technique responded.

What were the Results of the Questionnaire?

Besides the fact that 97% of the clients receiving Raindrop felt that it was a positive experience and that they felt better after the session?

Well, over 99% said they would have another session. Approximately 90% felt their improved well being and 86% felt their emotional feeling improved. Wow, that is some positive feedback!

If you would like to read the abstract, or purchase the book, you can go to the CARE Website: http://www.raindroptraining.com/

By the way, CARE is one of the only organization that certifies people in this technique. To find a professional in your area that does the RaindropTechnique click here: http://www.raindroptraining.com/directory.php

Raindrop Technique on Animals

The Raindrop Technique can be applied to a variety of animals, and there are amazing testimonies on the benefits of doing the Raindrop Therapy on horses, dogs and cats.

Read more about Equine Raindrop Therapy here: http://www.experience-essential-oils.com/equine-raindrop.ht…

Read more about Raindrop Therapy for dogs here:http://www.experience-essential-oils.com/raindrop-technique…

Read more about Raindrop Therapy for cats here: http://www.experience-essential-oils.com/raindrop-technique…

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