Lotus Flower Diffuser Bracelet with Silicone Band – Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Diffusing Locket

Lotus Flower Diffusing Bracelet with Silicone Band


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Product Description

You care about the quality of your essential oils.  Why would you put them into an impure diffusing locket?

Essential oils carry a wonderful scent, don't they?  Yet, since they are so rapidly absorbed by our bodies, they do not last well as a perfume.  Diffusing lockets allow you to carry your scent with you in a way that lasts for days, even weeks.  Catch aromatic benefit from your essential oils throughout the day, and use your locket to use the oils conveniently when you need them.  Ventilation holes gently diffuse your favorite scent throughout the day and night, and the pads are designed such that they can even be used to re-apply oils topically (hint: a great way for kids to carry oils with them when schools will not allow them to bring their bottles).

The Lotus Flower diffuser bracelet features a modern flower pattern ventilation holes and an adjustable, resilient silicone band, making it perfect for children or adults.

When it comes to diffusing lockets, all are not created equally.  And at We Can Oil It, we don't offer substandard products, especially ones that will adulterate your oils.  Here's what make these lockets special:

  • Lockets are 100% Hypoallergenic Surgical-Grade (316L) Stainless Steel.  This means that your oils won't discolor or eat your locket, and your locket won't change the scent of or add impurities to your oils.  They will never stain your skin or your clothes.
  • The pads inside the locket are a proprietary material designed specifically for this use.  They are vegan-friendly and completely washable, allowing you to interchange scents.  They also hold but do not trap your oils, so you can use the pad to reapply the oils topically.
  • The silicone band is adjustable up to 8" and is resilient and durable.
  • Lockets feature a solid back and a heavy locking magnet closure.
  • Pads come in two colors, white and black.  Changing the pad color changes the look of the locket, adding versatility to match any wardrobe.

Size of locket: 20mm in diameter

Color of locket: Silver

Includes: one highly durable 316L surgical grade stainless steel locket, adjustable (up to 8") black silicone band, 2 highly absorbent, washable, and interchangeable pads (1 black & 1 white).


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