Premium Car Diffuser

Premium Car Diffuser
Mix n Match Waterless Diffusers - Base Styles



Product Description

Using a diffuser in the car can have several benefits especially for drivers who need help calming down, get road-rage or need help staying awake. Using a calming aroma like lavender during heavy traffic , or a stimulating aroma like mint can help keep you focused and alert.   This glass and wood car diffuser is very similar to the waterless home diffuser units except that it is equipped with a special small bottle which:

  1. Fits well under the windshield
  2. Has a very low and balanced center of gravity so it will not slip off the dashboard
  3. Functions exactly the same as the other bottles

Unlike most car diffusers, this one is powerful and USES NO HEAT!

The car unit is also shipped with a DC power adapter that plugs directly into the cigarette lighter. All units include a Globulus style bottle seen in the image.

This diffuser diffuses in 10 minute intervals for 1 hour before automatically shutting off.

This makes a great gift for anxious drivers and people who spend a lot of time in their vehicle (like truck drivers and RV explorers)!

Additional Information

Base Style

Sharp, Soft

Base Stain

Dark, Light


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