Hi all! I'm Tasha. I am a believer, wife, and mother to two little ones (born 2012 and 2014).

I first started using Young Living oils in 2013. After a 22 month battle against infertility and an extended period with a colic baby, I was starting to lean towards a more natural lifestyle, simply in the belief that a majority of my health struggles were due to the toxicity in my life. Young Living really served as a stepping stone into a healthier lifestyle that has since carried over to my husband and children, as I have traded out toxic products in my personal and home care regimen with the purity and potency of essential oils as well as transitioning to eating real foods and providing our bodies the nutrients and supplements that they need for maximum vitality. What started as a hunt for natural remedies has resulted in a full lifestyle change.

Like many Young Living business builders, I never intended to sell essential oils. I bought my kit for the value it held, fell in love with the products, and shared with my friends and family, only because I felt passionately that they would benefit from God's oils. After about a year and a half, after I shared and those I shared with shared, I was receiving a pretty hearty paycheck. Like I mentioned before, that commissions check gave me the push I needed to quit my full time job as bookkeeper and take the plunge into stay-at-home mommy-hood (or as I prefer, "Work-at-home Mommy-hood"). What once was a life of 5 o'clock traffic and hearing of milestones from the babysitter is now a completely different hectic day of cleaning up mess after mess and trying to squeeze in work after bedtime, and I wouldn't trade it for the world!

I enjoy sharing Young Living not only with family and friends, but within trade and specialty shows. I set up at the World Famous First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas almost every month as well as try to frequent other local shows like the Fort Worth Gun Show and the Ultimate Women's Expo in Dallas.

I have always enjoyed marketing, especially digital marketing, and though I have a business degree in it, I feel it has mostly been intuitive and self-taught. I enjoy creating eye-catching graphics, and with that, I enjoy sharing these resources with the team. In addition, my super-handy husband Jason helps us keep a website functioning so we can share these resources with others. What a blessing it has been to be part of a team that shares so willingly and builds each other up. It is, without doubt, because of this team and its collective resources that I have gotten to see my son's first steps and watch my daughter's delight when she learns a new letter of the alphabet.

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